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Become a CEA (Certified Energy Analyst)

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The Building Energy Efficiency and Appliance Efficiency Standards of the State of California are predicted to continue saving billions in energy costs. Energy analysts are centrally important to achieving these savings. CABEC was founded to foster the professional development of energy analysts who prepare compliance documentation for the energy code contained in the California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 6.

The Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) program is a natural outgrowth of the CABEC Statement of Purpose and is officially recognized by the California Energy Commission as establishing a professional standard as well as providing an important link in energy compliance. The primary goal of the Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) program is to maintain and manage a professional credential for those who assist the building industry meet and exceed the energy standards.

CEA StampThe CEA program is designed to benefit energy analysts and their clients in the design and construction community. Being a CEA is the best evidence that an individual can provide their clients and potential clients with expertise rooted in a depth of experience and knowledge. Certification demonstrates a commitment on the part of the energy analyst to maintain a high degree of professional excellence pertaining to the Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Separate certification is offered for the Residential and Nonresidential Standards. Web site visitors can also easily search the CEA directory for a qualified professional to assist them with their project.

— CEA Requirements —

Certified Energy Analysts are people who have demonstrated their mastery of the Residential and/or Nonresidential California Energy Standards through the following steps:

— Work Experience —

Each CEA must demonstrate at least one year of experience performing energy compliance calculations.

— Continuing Education —

Each CEA must attend at least 6 hours per year of continuing education training.

— Testing —

Each CEA must pass the appropriate (residential/nonresidential) CEPE exam. Learn the difference between CEA certification and CEPE certification.

— Ethics —

Each CEA must participate in a Professional Practices Workshop and agree to abide by the CABEC Code of Ethics.

— CEA Ongoing Requirements —

The following criteria must continue to be met in order to renew as a CABEC Certified Energy Analyst:

— Continuing Education —

For each program year, each CEA is required to attend six hours of training on Title 24 energy code related issues for each category, both Residential and Nonresidential. View the Continuing Education Units (CEU) page for more information about CEU Requirements.

— Re-certification —

Each CEA must be re-certified when the Standards change. Taking and passing the recertification exam for the Certified Energy Plans Examiner, when a major change in the Standards occurs, will provide the CEA with an updated certification, provided the Continuing Education requirement is also met each year.

— CEA Online Application Forms —

Download the PDF version below.

Download the CABEC CEA Application in PDF
CEA Application in Adobe's PDF format.

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