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CEPE (Certified Energy Plans Examiner) General Information

CEPE Certificate
CABEC administers the Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) program, which is a statewide California building energy standards certification program. The CEPE program includes training and testing for Residential and Nonresidential plan checkers, field inspectors and energy consultants. The CEPE test is an objective demonstration of a person's technical expertise and application skills for the California Energy Standards.

The CEPE test is administered by CABEC and is offered at least once each year. There is a separate training, exam and certification for the Residential and Nonresidential Energy Standards. Individuals who successfully pass either one or both of the CEPE tests are posted on the CEPE Roster page on the CABEC web site, which is updated twice a year. This list is also mailed to every building department in the state as well as every CEPE. The current CEPE Roster is also made available, at no cost, to participants in numerous training classes around the state throughout the year.

Prior to the test, training classes are offered. The training is designed to prepare individuals already familiar with the Energy Efficiency Standards for the Residential and/or Nonresidential exam. The training and testing, usually in the fall, is based on the current State Energy Efficiency Standards. Exact dates of the training and testing are posted on the CABEC web site at least six weeks in advance of the events.

When there is a major change to the standards, as there was in 2008, currently certified individuals must pass a "recertification test" in order to maintain their certification. Any future changes to the standards as well as any Certification and/or Recertification training and exams will be posted on our "Announcements" page. Typically, training and exams are offered each Spring and Fall. Keep checking our web site for any future announcements with reference to CEPE Certification Training and Exams. If you have any questions, please contact the CABEC Administrator by clicking the "Contact CABEC" link on the navigation bar to the left. Thank you.

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