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Education & Training Opportunities


Following are links to sites which offer ongoing training in Title 24 and energy efficiency related programs. A more extensive links list is available to CABEC members in the Members Area under (Industry Links).

Other links of interest: Title 24 Compliance Software Vendors

Also check with your local community college.


Following is a list of Webinars that you may find helpful. Simply click on the name of the Webinar, which will open in a new window. Further instructions will provided when necessary.

CABEC Vendor & Regional Meetings

Regular Vendor and Regional Meetings will provide CABEC Members with technical presentations, discussions, and the exchange of important information on new technologies. Notes and handouts from these Special Events will be posted in the Members Area of our website.

The Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) training and testing is offered through CABEC each year.

CABEC Members are invited and encouraged to take advantage of our FREE Regional meetings and discounted Conferences where you will be informed of the latest Standards and other issues pertaining to energy compliance. Keep checking the "Announcements" section on the Public Home page and in the Members Area for information related to Regional meetings and Conferences.


Solar Verification for New Solar Homes Partnership

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